Rafting in the Grand Canyon

Let the wilderness guide you through its course on the most adventurous river rafting experience in Grand Canyon. 

Rafting through the Grand Canyon is an unforgettable experience, whether tackling the rapids of the mighty Colorado River or drifting along its tranquil waters.

The Colorado River meanders through the Grand Canyon, providing a range of whitewater activities.

Try various rafting trips from leisure floating trips to intense Class V rapids.

This article discusses everything about rafting in the Grand Canyon. 

Best Grand Canyon Rafting tickets

White water rafting at Grand Canyon 

Grand Canyon white water river rafting
Image: Nps.gov

White water rafting in the Grand Canyon lets 4 to 8 people navigate Colorado on an inflatable raft. 

White water rafting goes through rough water and participants enjoy the activity due to the adrenaline rush. 

This is one of the most popular adventure sports in the Grand Canyon.

Difference between rafting and white water rafting 

White water rafting happens on foamy, aerated and turbulent water. 

The frothy water looks white and hence it is white water rafting. 

White water rafting is an adventure sport done for thrill and adrenaline rush. 

Rafting can be done in any river and is a classic summer sport. 

River rafting is calm and helps the participants look closer at the wildlife and the view. 

How long doe the Grand Canyon rafting take

Rafting the entire Grand Canyon can take anywhere from 4 hours to 7 days.

It depends on:

  • The river’s flow
  • how often do you stop to camp along this 279-mile river
  • Whether you use motorized or oar boats

You can finish a trip in seven days with motorized boats, depending on how many stops you make. 

The rafting duration may also increase to 21 days for those using motor boats.

Rafting trips in the Grand Canyon 

Grand Canyon Rafting trips in the Grand Canyon
Image: Nps.gov

There are various types of rafting trips in the Grand Canyon. 

This depends on the number of days, the length of the Colorado River covered and any stops. 

Some of the most popular tours for Rafting in the Grand Canyon are listed below. 

One day rafting trips in the Grand Canyon

One day rafting trips in the Grand Canyon
Image: Audubon.org

Level up your Grand Canyon experience with 1-day rafting trips. 

Navigate through the rushing course of the River Colorado to see the Grand Canyon from a unique perspective. 

These adrenaline-pumping trips start from Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Page and more. 

Some of the best 1-day Grand Canyon Rafting Tours are listed below: 

Grand Canyon Rafting 2-5 Day River Trips

If you have more than 1 day to spend and would like to explore the Canyon floor, then there are a range of 2 to 5-day trips.  

The river trips launching from Diamond Creek (river mile 225) take 2 to 5 days.

It brings travelers to the Lower Gorge of Grand Canyon National Park. 

This 52-mile river includes smooth and white water with breathtaking and vibrant views. 

The 2-day rafting trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon is one of the most famous. 

Grand Canyon Rafting 3-18 Days River Trips

You can go on a river journey lasting anywhere from three to eighteen days in a motor-powered raft or a dory.

You can journey from Grand Canyon and Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek by traveling 226 river miles or 364 kilometers.

Grand Canyon Rafting 12-25 Day River trips

Grand Canyon Rafting 12-25 Day River trips
Image: Usatoday.com

Individuals can participate in unguided raft trips, also known as private river trips. 

The public can apply through a random selection system to obtain permission for such trips.

Guidelines for rafting 

Noncommercial trips down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon must follow the rules of the National Park Service.

All trip participants must have the necessary experience and skills as determined by the NPS.

The main applicant must be at least 18 years old.

Potential Alternate Trip Leaders (PATLs) must be 18 by the launch date and confirm their co-applicant status online.

Applicable lottery and river permit costs must be paid, with nonrefundable deposits due after the lottery drawing.

Furthermore, individuals cannot take part in more than one recreational river trip annually in any part of the Lees Ferry.

The trip dates may remain the same or change once awarded through the lottery.

The difficulty of Grand Canyon rafting 

Navigating the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon is challenging.

It requires individuals with extensive river experience to lead the trip.

The river holds 160 rapids that are so challenging they have their own classification system instead of the I-V rating system employed by other rivers.

The rapids range from 1-10 on the difficulty scale.

Some areas need a proficient river runner with prior experience with powerful rapids.

Hiring a commercial outfitter with experienced guides is best if you need more experts on the trip.

Best time to go rafting in the Grand Canyon? 

The best time to go rafting in the Grand Canyon is in summer when the temperature rises around 100°F. 

The Summer months, June to August, is also the most crowded and on-demand period in Grand Canyon. 

When rafting during summer, it is essential to be mindful of heat-related medical conditions that could occur. 

If you wish to avoid crowds and extreme heat, the best to go rafting in Grand Canyon is during fall or spring. 

Private and adventurous trips often take place during winter when few visitors visit.


Best rafting trips in the grand canyon?

Can you go white water rafting in the grand canyon?

Yes, you can go whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon.  

Tourists enjoy a range of Grand Canyon rafting tours, from 1-day trips to 21-day tours. 

Can you raft in the grand canyon?

Yes, rafting is a popular activity in the Grand Canyon.

Rafting offers a unique way to experience the stunning beauty and geology of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. 

Some of the best tours for rafting in the Grand Canyon are: 

White water rafting tour from Las Vegas 
Helicopter tour and Colorado river rafting and Kayaking trip 
Self 1-day Grand Canyon White water rafting tour
Arizona highlights: Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell flight with river rafting 

How much does it cost to white water raft in the Grand Canyon?

The cost of white water rafting in the Grand Canyon varies depending on the length of your trip, the time of the year and the outfitter you choose. 

You can book a white water rafting trip in the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas for $760 per person. 

A combination of helicopter tours and kayaking on the mighty Colorado River costs $700 per person. 

A self-drive one-day trip from Las Vegas, including white water rafting, costs $690 per person. 

You can also experience the Grand Canyon on a flight and a leisurely float on the Colorado River for $680 per person. 

What time of the year is best for white water rafting in the Grand Canyon?

Late April to early October is the best period for whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon, with May to September being the most popular months.

The weather is warm and dry, and the water levels are at their highest, giving you a thrilling rafting experience. 

What is the best 1 day Grand Canyon rafting trip?

The best one-day Grand Canyon rafting trip is the Self-Drive 1-Day Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting Tour. 

For $690 per person, you can take a road trip to Peach Springs, Arizona, take on the Colorado River on a 40-mile (64-kilometer) journey and hike to a waterfall. 

Lunch is included, and a hotel pickup and dropoff facility is also available.

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