Grand Canyon Village

Grand Canyon Village is a census-designated place in Coconino County, Arizona. 

It is the main tourist center of Grand Canyon National Park and is home to various lodging, dining and shopping options. 

It is also the starting point for many park trails, including the Bright Angel Trail. 

Established in 1901, when the Santa Fe Railway built a station on the South Rim, the village has grown in size and importance. 

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Grand Canyon Village history 

Planned by the National Park Service, the Grand Canyon Village aims to promote tourism in the South Rim. 

Intially created as the terminal for Grand Canyon Railway, the village is now centered around El Tovar Hotel and Bright Angel Lodge. 

The Village now includes 39 buildings and historical landmarks. 

It boosts the local business and promotes the local tribes.

Grand Canyon village map

Carry a Grand Canyon village mang to identify all the historic buildings while visiting. 

Grand Canyon Village is the best place to take a break and grab a bite before you proceed with the next activity. 

This map shows all the prime locations in Grand Canyon, shuttles, trails and all other amenities. 

Things to do at South Rim Grand Canyon Village: 

Grand Canyon Village has become a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and families, offering an unforgettable experience. 

Here is a list of things to do at Grand Canyon Village

Bright Angel Trail

The Bright Angel Trail is one of the most popular trails in northern Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park. 

The trail is 9.5 miles long and begins at the South Rim. 

It descends 4,460 feet to the Colorado River, making it one of the most challenging trails in the national park. 

The trail is well-maintained and marked with cairns (piles of stones) at regular intervals. 

One of the most popular sections of the trail is the 1.5-mile stretch between Indian Garden and Plateau Point. 

This section is relatively easy, with a few steep sections and some of the most scenic spots in the canyon. 

The Bright Angel Trail is famous for its breathtaking views of the canyon. 

You can see the Colorado River, the canyon walls and the North Rim from various points along the trail. 

At the bottom of the trail, take a side trip to Phantom Ranch, a rustic lodge on the banks of the Colorado River. 

Visitors can hike back up the Bright Angel Trail or take a mule ride. 

The Bright Angel Trail can be challenging, but it is a fantastic experience. It is the perfect way to explore the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon.

Overnight at historic El Tovar

El Tovar Grand Canyon Village is a historic hotel located at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. 

Built in 1905, it is a testament to the canyon’s grandeur and one of the most popular Grand Canyon village hotels. 

The hotel is a four-story structure with 78 guestrooms, a restaurant, a gift shop and a lounge. 

It is a National Historic Landmark listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1987. It is also a member of Historic Hotels of America.

The hotel offers a range of accommodations to suit the needs of all types of visitors. 

The rooms have period furniture and décor; many have private balconies or patios with canyon views.

 The hotel also offers a variety of dining options, from a casual cafeteria to a fine dining restaurant.

Spending the night at El Tovar is an authentic experience for the ages. 

The hotel’s old-world charm and grandeur are the perfect place to relax and enjoy after a long day at the Grand Canyon. 

Grand Canyon Railway Depot

The Grand Canyon Railway Depot is a historic train station in Williams, Arizona, United States. 

It is the central passenger station on the Grand Canyon Railway and is a contributing property to the Williams Historic District.

The station is a popular tourist destination and is the starting point of the Grand Canyon Railway, which operates daily service to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. 

The station has been restored to its original appearance and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

The station also serves as the headquarters of the Grand Canyon Railway Museum, which houses a collection of historic railroad artifacts.

Hopi House 

Built in 1905, the Hopi House portrays the artistic design of architect Mary Colter. 

Initially commissioned by the Santa Fe Railroad as a trading post, it is now decorated with murals, pottery and paintings of Hopi. 

Visitors can purchase authentic Native American jewelry, pottery, basketry and other crafts. 

The building also houses a museum where visitors can learn about the Hopi culture and the history of the Grand Canyon. 

The Hopi House is an important symbol of the Hopi culture and the history of the Grand Canyon, listed in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. 

It serves as a reminder to preserve and celebrate cultural heritage.

Buckey O’Neill Cabin 

The Buckey O’Neill Cabin is a historic log cabin in Prescott, Arizona. 

Built in the late 1880s and named after William Owen “Buckey” O’Neill, a sheriff, mayor, this is a must visit cabin. 

The cabin is made with logs from the nearby Juniper Forest, featuring a single-story, two-room structure with a central chimney and a large porch. 

Visitors can find artifacts belonging to O’Neill, including his 1874 Colt revolver, a Springfield rifle and a Spanish-American War uniform. 

The cabin is now part of the Sharlot Hall Museum, dedicated to preserving the history and culture of the Prescott area. 

Visitors can tour the cabin and learn about O’Neill’s life and legacy. 

It is open to the public and is a popular destination for school field trips and other educational programs. 

The Buckey O’Neill Cabin is a reminder of the rich history of Prescott and an important part of Arizona’s heritage. 

It is an important piece of the city’s past and a tribute to the life of a man who lived a life of courage and adventure.

Lookout Studio

Lookout Studio is a breathtaking and iconic spot at the Grand Canyon. 

Lying at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Lookout Studio was built in 1914 by the Fred Harvey Company. 

The structure is a three-story building made of native sandstone and wood, showcasing a magnificent view of the canyon. 

From the top floor of the building, visitors can take in the breathtaking views of the canyon and its many layers of colorful rock.

The Lookout Studio is a popular tourist spot and a photography spot. 

Featured in many films and television shows it has become a popular architectural spot. 

The building is open to visitors from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day and admission is free. 

From its iconic architecture to breathtaking views, Lookout Studio is a must-see destination for anyone visiting the Grand Canyon.

Kolb Studio

Kolb Studio of Grand Canyon Village is a historic building and an integral part of the Grand Canyon experience since 1904. 

Named after the pioneering photographers Ellsworth and Emery Kolb, Kolb Studio is the oldest building on the South Rim.

The building served various purposes over the years, including a museum, a gift shop and a place to view historic photographs of the Grand Canyon. 

Today, it is a gallery and bookstore for visitors to purchase photographs, books and souvenirs.

Kolb Studio is a great place to learn more about the history of the Grand Canyon. 

It is open to the public year-round and offers a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of the Grand Canyon.

Best tickets to visit Grand Canyon Village 

Experience the majestic beauty of the Grand Canyon with a trip to Grand Canyon Village.

Here is the list of the top 3 trips to Grand Canyon Village.

Grand Canyon Railway Trip Experience

Travel back to the Wild West with a roundtrip train ride on the Grand Canyon Railway! 

Enjoy a 64-mile scenic journey to the Grand Canyon National Park with western musicians, cowboy characters, and an onboard bar. 

With plenty of time to explore the park upon arrival, you can hike and enjoy the beauty of one of the world’s seven natural wonders. 

Once the day is over, you return to Williams, Arizona, after a remarkable time.

This ticket includes

  • Round trip to Grand Canyon Village
  • Drinks and Snacks for first-class passengers
  • National Park entrance fee

Ticket prices

AgeRound Trip Coach Ticket PricesRound Trip First Class Ticket Prices
Adult ticket (16 to 99 years)$110$195
Child ticket (2 to 15 years)$56$133
Infant ticket (less than 2 years)$0$0

Classic Sightseeing Tour 

This incredible full-day tour allows you to explore one of the world’s seven natural wonders, the Grand Canyon. 

Drive through Flagstaff’s Ponderosa Pines, the San Francisco Peaks’ dormant volcanoes and the Navajo Reservation.

On this tour, enjoy views of the Little Colorado River Gorge and the western edge of the Painted Desert as an expert guide narrates everything about the attraction. 

Once inside the Grand Canyon National Park, marvel at its beauty and the Colorado River from Desert View. 

Remember to climb to the top of the Watchtower Observatory for spectacular views and take a mile-long nature walk along the South Rim. 

Tourists also explore Grand Canyon Village to learn everything about the Grand Canyon in just a day. 

Before returning to Flagstaff, the tour stops at the National Geographic Visitor Center in Tusayan.

This tour includes

  • Fully guided tour of the Grand Canyon 
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off (Flagstaff only)
  • Park admissions

Tour prices

AgeTour prices
Adult ticket (16 to 99 years)$180
Child ticket (4 to 15 years)$158


  • Children below the age of 3 are not allowed on this tour. 
  • This tour starts only from Flagstaff, Arizona. This tour includes occasional hiking to get to viewpoints. 
  • It is advisable to wear comfortable traveling clothes and footwear. 

The Grand Canyon Classic tour from Sedona AZ

Start your tour with a ride through the picturesque red rocks of Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon, one of the most renowned drives in the US. 

Pass the dormant San Francisco Peaks and the Cameron Trading Post volcanoes before admiring the desert’s western end.

Take the gorgeous canyon and Colorado River inside the Grand Canyon National Park during the drive. 

Climb the Watchtower Observatory to get a stunning panoramic view of the area. 

Next, visit the East and South Rims of the Grand Canyon to observe the Colorado River Gorge and the buttes of the South Rim. 

Before ending the tour, take time to explore Grand Canyon Village and witness the history of the Grand Canyon. 

This tour includes:

  • Private or small group guided tours
  • Expert guide 
  • Park admissions
  • Explore Grand Canyon Village 
  • Visit Vistas of the Grand Canyon 
  • See Desert Watchtower

Tour prices

AgeGroup tour pricesPrivate tour prices
Adult ticket (16 to 99 years)$180 $280 
Child ticket ( 4 to 15 years) $158 $280

Grand Canyon Village FAQs

Is Grand Canyon Village worth visiting?

Grand Canyon Village portrays the historical significance of the Canyon and the locals. 

It offers access to hiking trails, stunning Grand Canyon views, and various lodging and dining choices.

It is a hub for navigating the park and participating in extracurricular activities, including ranger-led seminars and guided tours.

Hence it is undoubtedly worth the visit. 

What does Grand Canyon Village have?

Grand Canyon Village is a small community found on the Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim in Arizona, USA.

It provides various services, including places to stay, eateries, stores, museums, and visitor centers.

The village also includes access to many hiking trails, lookout sites, and historic structures for visitors.

How many days do you need in Grand Canyon Village?

Your interests and schedule will determine how much time you need to spend in Grand Canyon Village.

1-2 days may be sufficient if you want to tour the key vistas and take a few short treks. 

But you could require 3–4 days or more to go on longer hikes or backcountry camping.

Can you walk around Grand Canyon Village?

Yes, you can walk around Grand Canyon Village.

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon serves as the primary activity center. 

It provides various services, including lodging, dining, shopping, and ranger-led activities.

 In addition to offering breathtaking views of the canyon, the settlement serves as the beginning of numerous hiking trails.

Is Grand Canyon Village free?

Grand Canyon National Park, which costs visitors an entrance fee, contains the settlement of Grand Canyon Village.

However, the village is open for exploration and entry.

It serves as a center for visitor services and activities, such as dining, housing, and gift stores.

Can you drive around Grand Canyon Village?

You can drive around Grand Canyon Village.

However, parking may be scarce at busy times and traffic may be high. 

We advise using the free shuttle service to navigate the hamlet and reach various locations.

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